Say “Goodbye” to New Year’s Resolutions

Do we really even stick with New Year’s resolutions anyways? Hardly! Every year, millions of people ring in the new year with one or two (or maybe even a laundry list) of resolutions they plan on sticking to – ‘plan’ being the keyword here.

We get it! We have the best intentions starting the year off right: eating healthy, exercising more, ending toxic relationships, saving more money – but what usually happens? Some (ultra-motivated folks) actually DO stick to their resolutions; they put in all the effort and crush all their goals. If you are one of these people, please drop us a comment and let us know how it’s done! We really want to know!

Other New Year’s Resolutioners, stick it out for a month or two, but life gets in the way: jobs, kids, spouses, lack of motivation – these are all things that can derail the resolutions train. Other folks write down their resolutions and, well, that’s as far as it gets; a list of stuff on a sheet of paper.

So, if New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for most people, why are we making them to begin with? Sure, resolutions gives us a sense of hope and optimism for the new year, but when we don’t stick with them, we are left feeling like we have failed…again.

That’s no way to start off a fresh New Year so let’s say “Adios!” to those resolutions and do something that can actually be beneficial!

Instead of looking to the future, let’s reflect and take a look at the past. We’re not talking years’ worth pasts, just the year before – the year we have just said our final goodbyes to.

2021…Hello, again!

Looking at the past allows us to reflect on what went well in our lives and what didn’t. It allows us to see the last year clearly – what’s that saying? “Hindsight’s 20/20”. There is truth to that! When we are in the thick of a situation, conflict, or argument it’s hard sometimes to see that circumstance clearly in the moment. But if we take a look back, all of a sudden, that situation seems a little clearer.

Having that perspective helps us look to the future. We now know what we should do differently if a similar situation were to arise. So, let’s call this new method of doing things “My Year in Review.”

Here’s what you need to review your year:

  • Paper/pen, computer, phone – use whichever of these you have access to
  • Your 2021 calendar
  • Social Media (FaceBook, Insta, Twitter, TikToK…)

Now let’s review!

  1. At the top of your list write “My Year in Review.”
  2. Then, divide your list into two columns. Label the first column as “Positive” and label the second column as “Negative.”
  3. Go through your 2021 calendar and social media pages and review. Take it day-by-day, week-by-week, or month-by-month depending on how in-depth you want your review to be.
  4. As you review the last year, write down any people, activities, commitments, events, etc., that trigger either positive or negative emotions. Put them in their respective columns.
  5. Once you have gone through everything, take a look at your positive and negative columns. What items under the positive list spark the most joy? What items on your negative list make you feel miserable?
  6. Based on your answers, take the positives that really jumped out at you and schedule MORE of those! Make plans with those people who bring out your best, look up your favorite band and see when they are playing near you, plan those activates that make you feel vibrant and alive – do MORE of what makes YOU happy!
  7. Now, for those pesky negatives that make you feel blah, make a separate list and at the top put “NOT-TO-DO-LIST”. Write down those negative people, relatives, activities, events, etc. that do NOT bring out your best. Toxic relationship? Nip that in the bud. Friends who cause more drama than it’s worth? Bye, Felicia! Activities that drain and zap your joy? Don’t do them! Put your NOT-TO-DO-LIST somewhere where you can see it every day for several weeks to be reminded of the things you DON’T want to do.

For 2022, focus on what makes you happy, on what fulfills you and brings you joy in your life. The NOT-TO-DO-LIST you know makes you miserable so don’t put it on your calendar out of obligation, FOMO, guilt, or other nonsense.

Emotionally, physically, mentally the last two years have been ROUGH so let’s resolve to do something that will start 2022 right and not something that’s setting us up for failure.

The future is in your hands – make the BEST of it!

Happy 2022 from your friends at Central Counties!

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