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Are you moving for Movember?

Around the world, men die an average six years younger than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. Which also means we can take action to live happier, healthier and longer lives. November is Movember a movement started by two friends in Australia in 2003. By 2007 the movement had reached the US and now more than 5 million men across the world are growing mustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. As well as growing a mustache you can commit to running or walking 60 miles during November – that’s 60 miles for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour. And better yet, you can achieve some of those miles during our 5k Turkey Trot in Washington Park on Saturday, November 17 – so make sure you sign up!


We also understand it can be difficult to keep track of your health so here are five things to know and do:


Make man time

Stay connected. Your friends are important and spending time with them is good for you.


Have open conversations

Being there for someone, listening, and giving your time can be lifesaving.


Know your numbers

Talk to your doctor about prostate cancer at 50 and whether it’s right for you to have a PSA test. If you are African American or have a father or brother with prostate cancer, you should have a conversation with your doctor at 45.


Know your body

Get to know what’s normal for you. Check yourself regularly and see a doctor if something doesn’t feel right.



Add more activity to your day; walk to a meeting, skip the elevator and take the stairs, or cycle to work instead of driving.


For more information about Movember, the positive impact it’s having, and how to get involved visit: https://us.movember.com

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